Output releases Free Reverse Rises sample pack

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Output has announced the release of Free Reverse Rises, a collection of electronic and cinematic bulid-ups and transitions in high quality audio format.

Rises, also often referred to as build-ups and transitions, are effective musical elements for moving between song sections and creating suspense. They’re frequently used in a variety of musical genres including electronic music, trailer music and film scores.

The package of Rises was created using Output’s REV, the world’s first reverse instrument suite. REV’s Rises Engine, one of four engines included in the REV download, features a large variety of Rise presets as well as effects for manipulating those rises into unique and creative textures for any musical composition.

Video demo:

Free Reverse Rises sample pack is available via Output, a valid email address is required for the download link.

More info:

Free Reverse Rises sample pack

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