Rob Chiarelli sets free SynthBussLite signal processor plugin for keyboards (limited time offer)

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synthbussliteRob Chiarelli has announced that its SynthBussLite signal processor plugin for keyboards, is now available for free (Holidays gift) until the end of this year. SynthBussLite is part of Rob Chiarelli Signature Plugins.

Our warmest wishes for a very happy holiday season filled with happiness, peace & joy. Please enjoy a free copy of our new SynthBussLite plugin as our gift to you. Happy holidays!

The five most popular keyboards are: Piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Organ and Synthesizer.

The SynthBussLIte handles all of them in the most complimentary way.

The SynthBussLite is our newest signal processor. It was specifically designed to help create a more modern and exciting keyboard sound. With the turn of a knob, the SynthBussLite will enrich the natural tone of your keyboards without overpowering the vocal. The sound, balance and feel of your mixes will be improved quickly, easily and musically.

SynthBussLite is available for free until December 31. Please use at checkout coupon code PEACEONEARTH.

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Rob Chiarelli’s SynthBussLite signal processor plugin for keyboards

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