MusicRadar releases 196 free horrorscape samples

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196-free-horrorscape-samplesMusicRadar has announced the release of a collection of 196 free horrorscape samples inspired by the sound of horror film soundtracks from the 80s.

A sense of darkness has fallen across this installment of SampleRadar, which is inspired by the sound of horror film soundtracks (the ’80s, John Carpenter type in particular).

So, you can expect hoppy electro pulse loops, tense synth basslines, clashing pianos, low staccato strings and some chilling chimes.

All the loops are supplied as WAV files and they’re royalty-free, which means you can use them in commercial releases too.

The 196 free horrorscape samples collection is available for instant download via MusicRadar’s website.

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196 free horrorscape samples

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