Frederick Alonso releases Infinity free mastering compressor plugin

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infinityFrederick Alonso aka BUTZ has announced the release of the free Infinity, a class-A audio compressor for mastering purposes and inspired by analog Pultec, Thermionic and API 2500 circuits.

The strength of this compressor lies partly in parallel multi-compression in combination with sub selection.
The audio becomes wider, more dynamic and has a warm rounded tone that benefits low end (Sub tones).
Tube saturation can be added on top of mid/high frequencies to give more sparkle and focus.

Video demo:

I checked the plugin, I will not comment the quality of audio signal (where I am now, I have some cheap ATH-M20 headphones) but what I noticed so far, the buttons have a long range and respond a little slow.

Frederic Alonso said that he wants to transpose this plugin in an analog version, the new circuit design being patented since 2014. So expect a high quality plugin.

The Infinity is designed for the mastering stage, but that does not mean you can not use anywhere you want, for example as Mastering/Buss Compressor inside the Mastering Buss- with good results out of your audio.

Infinity is available for free for PC and Mac VST, 32bit only. You can use it in 64-bit DAWs via jBridge.

More info:

Infinity free mastering compressor plugin

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