Hinton & Fairchild updates free BIGROOMKIXSYNTH to version 1.2

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Hinton & Fairchild has updated its BIGROOMKIXSYNTH– free kick drum generator, to version 1.2.

BIGROOMKIXSYNTH is a VSTi specifically created for making Kick Drums and Bass Drums. It uses no samples only 100% synthesis to achieve a thick meaty UMPH to your track with ultimate control to the sound. The sound is split into 4 sections, SUB, BODY, TRANSIENT and HAT/NOISE with lots of controls to fine-tune each characteristic of the layer.

It has a compressor an EQ boost and a Key Select. You can even change the background colour. The Synth is free to use and share.

Video demo:

Changes in version 1.2:

  • Midi Learn Support
  • User Pitch Envelopes
  • Distortion
  • Bit crush
  • Noise osc – on the Body
  • ADS Envelope

In the current 1.2 update, Hinton & Fairchild has added midi learn support, user pitch envelopes and new distortion method and the AIR knob.

The plugin is only 32-bit for Windows, but with Jbridge you can convert it to 64-bit.

More info:

Free BIGROOMKIXSYNTH version 1.2

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