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Beat Voltage by ModeAudio is a collection of one shot drum samples and patches aimed at various music styles including ambient, downtempo, minimal, dubstep, techno and more.

Sense the electric current swirling and sizzling around your studio and exploding out of your speakers like bolts of pure white lightning – it’s time to introduce your sample library to the supercharged, hyper-intense sound of Beat Voltage – Drum Machine Samples!


We received the FL Studio version of Beat Voltage, which comes personalized for the popular DAW. Therefore, will find a bonus folder containing 12 drum kits for DirectWave sampler. But let’s split the content and see what’s inside:

  • Beat Voltage (Hits):
    • Claps: 24 samples;
    • Crashes: 15 samples;
    • Hi Hats: 50 samples;
    • Kicks (Clean & Saturated): 65 samples (40/ 25);
    • Percussion: 34 samples;
    • Snares (Clean & Saturated): 50 samples (29/ 21);
    • Toms: 34 samples.
  • DirectWave Patches (FL Studio):
    • 12 drum kits containing assorted samples;
    • 12 DirectWave patches + 1 DirectWave bank file.

My opinion:

With its supersaturated feel, Beat Voltage attracts you like electricity: once you put your hand on it, it is hard to detach yourself :). However, the samples are processed by common-sense and the experience will not be painful.

Speaking of usability, Beat Voltage is basically so versatile, that can be loaded in any minimal or hip hop project etc. I created below some examples of beats with samples from the pack only (the sound is raw without any additional processing).

Hip Hop beat 83 BPM:

As you see in the examples, the samples are full bodied and with some kind of analogue warmth. The samples are slightly distorted, equalized and compressed, being production-ready, without altering the overall mix. The content is perfectly balanced and with the DirectWave patches, you’ll get instant access to pre-made kits.

I recommend Beat Voltage sample pack for all EDM producers, especially for those into dubstep, trap, twerk, dub-tech and minimal, looking for drum samples full of character and processed by professionals.

More info:

Beat Voltage sample pack by ModeAudio

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