Boss DR-660 Free Sample Pack by Shpitz Audio released (255 one shot samples)

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Shpitz Audio has introduced Boss DR-660 Free Sample Pack, a collection of 255 samples recorded from the drum machine.

Boss DR-660 Drum Machine is one of the underrated drum machines from the 90’s. Made in 1992, it has 255 editable drum sounds. Users can edit volume, pitch, decay, panning, effects for each sound. It has onboard chorus, flanger, reverb, and delay effects.

Can be played live from the finger pads. This drum machine was used by Squarepusher in his first album Big Loada.

Boss DR-660 Free Sample Pack contains all the 255 samples, categorized by type. All samples are dry without any additional processing or editing and recorded in 24bit, 48khz.

The freebie is available for instant download.

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Boss DR-660 Free Sample Pack

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