Join WMMIFLS Exclusive Sample Pack Contest #2 and win 3 Electronisounds sample packs (+ 100 free loops and one shots)

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We Make Music In FL Studio has teamed up with Electronisounds and launched a contest where you have the chance to win three Electronisounds sample packs of your choice.

After our first Sample Pack Contest we teamed up with Junebug from for a new and exclusive contest where you will be able to win up to 3 sample packs from their website!

All people that join this contest will be able to download a demo pack made for our group. Your allowed to ONLY use samples from this pack for your track.

The contest is held on an events page on Facebook, after joining it you’ll have to download the free sample pack featuring 100 all-new EDM samples from Electronisounds. Next step is to create a track using only sounds from the downloaded pack (FX and sample manipulation are allowed).

I think that you are familiar with this type of music making competition, so I assume you already know that once the track is finished, you’ll need to upload it to Soundcloud, in our case the WMMIFLS Soundcloud group. You’ll find more details about these, including how to name your track correctly, on the link below.

The free sample pack can be downloaded from the pinned post (the second from top) on the contest page. It contains 100 original and unreleased loops and one shot samples by Electronisounds, at a glance- synth loops, drum loops, bass shots, textures, drum hits, chords and much more, all specially designed for EDM. The download size is 104MB zipped.

The competition ends on 20th of April – plenty of time to get creative!

More info:

WMMIFLS Exclusive Sample Pack Contest #2

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