StudioLinked VST releases Drum Pro VST free drum machine ROMpler

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StudioLinked VST has announced the release of Drum Pro VST, a free drum machine ROMpler for Windows and Mac.

Drum Pro VST is a simple virtual instrument plugin featuring 8 factory drum kits plus another 12 drum kits hand-picked from the expansions available for sale.

Its interface has 12 pads, each of which being assigned to a keyboard note. You can’t map any pad, also you cannot add your own sounds to them, the new sounds can be added only via expansions. At the bottom of the GUI you have controls for volume and pan of each sound/ pad.

Watch below the official video demo of Drum Pro VST.

Video demo:

A global unit allows you to control the ADSR, volume and reverb.

The sounds are pretty basic but they sound quite well. I’ve checked them and here are some loops created with three kits, the panning is default, volumes are default and all sounds are dry.


Each of the included kits comes with 2 kicks, 2 snares, 2 claps, 2 hi-hats and 4 various percussions. You can upgrade Drum Pro VST with expansions covering almost any popular music genre, including pop, trap, Rnb, hip hop and more, the price is $9.99 each.

Drum Pro VST is available for instant download at StudioLinked VST in four versions: Windows VST 32 & 64-bit and Mac AU & VST.

More info:

Drum Pro VST free drum machine ROMpler

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  1. Rodejo Mar 26, 2015 at 12:36 pm - Reply

    Okay so I downloaded it and extracted all the files, then put the file in my vst. folder for FL Studio. Then when I open it, it says no instruments can be found. I have the instrument presets as well, I just don’t know how to import them into the plugin.

  2. ALVARO MATEO RODIGUEZ DONDIEGO Apr 4, 2016 at 6:11 pm - Reply

    your drum pro is utility in MAT SA DE CV contact is well tankyou

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