Free Sanford Bass Tightener VST effect by Leslie Sanford

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Leslie Sanford has reworked his Sanford Bass Tightener VST effect plugin for Windows, and released it as freeware.

Sanford Bass Tightener is a spatial effect for tightening up the stereo spread.

It allows you to set the frequencies below a certain specified frequency to mono, for example 120Hz, while allowing the higher frequencies to remain in stereo.

It is a big help during mixing and mastering phases, by keeping the the bass tight and centered and the higher range nice and wide.


  • Low CPU usage
  • Four filter slopes
  • Four output modes
  • Adjustable bass amplitude
  • Adjustable stereo spread

Sanford Bass Tightener is now rebuilt from scratch and compiled as a 64 bit plugin. It is available for instant download at Leslie Sanford, alongside an excellent delay plugin I wrote about a few weeks ago.

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Free Sanford Bass Tightener VST effect

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