J1000 intros CL36 – free 3-band waveshaping soft clipper effect plugin

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J1000 has announced the release of CL36, a free 3-band waveshaping soft clipper effect plugin for Windows (32-bit VST).

It shares the layout and crossover network with updated SX36. Each frequency range has the same controls – clipping amount and bias, output gain and modulation.

CL36 is great for taming transients of percussive sounds and generally instruments with sharp attacks and decays. It’s equally useful on full-mixes for squeezing out few extra dBs.


  • Three-band soft-clipping with waveshapers.
  • Two waveshaping curves – normal and hard.
  • Additional full-range soft-clipping stage keeping levels below 0dBFS.
  • Waveshaping bias control with optional LFO modulation.
  • Mid+Side processing mode.
  • Output filtering of low and high ends of spectrum.
  • Second order (12dB/oct) crossover to preserve spectrum continuity.
  • Zoomable waveform display showing combined channels output.
  • 32-bit internal precision with zero latency and low CPU consumption.

The plugin is available for instant download (32-bit VST).

More info:

CL36 – free 3-band waveshaping soft clipper effect plugin

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