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Midierror has announced the release of FMSynths, a free sample pack containing one shots, FX, loops and multisampled synth sounds.

As the name implies, FMSynths it was created with 3 classic FM synthesizers.

This pack contains all you need to beef-up your sound; with hard, evil synth tones, grizzly bass hits and twisted sound fx.

Containing in excess of 200 Oneshot sounds, FM Synths has over 150 loops; featuring FM lead elements, backing rhythmns and modulated FX at tempos to suit the modern electronic artist. Also included are over 100 FM Drum Hits and 13 Multi-Sampled instuments recorded over 5 octaves, enabling you to play the synth patches as they were originally.

Audio demo:


  • One shots:
    • 152 x Synth
    • 124 x FX
    • 51 x Bass
  • Loops:
    • 87 Drum Loops @ 90, 120, 140 175BPM
    • 73 Modulated Synth Loops @ 90, 120, 140 175BPM
    • 40 x Synth Loops @140bpm
  • Drum Hits:
    • 14 x Cymbals
    • 23 x Glitches
    • 32 x Kicks
    • 28 x Perc
    • 23 x Snares
    • 16 x Toms
  • Multi-Samples:
    • 13 x Multisampled Synth Sounds (217 individual samples)

All samples are delivered as 48000Hz, 24-Bit WAV files.

The sounds have been recorded direct from the hardware, no processing or after effects being applied. Modulated loops have been recorded with live parameter changes for a living, organic quality.

FMSynths is available for instand download at AudioBombs.

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FMSynths free sample pack

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