Review: The EDM Kit by Jont Music

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Today I will take a look at The EDM Kit, a collection by Jont Music featuring various elements specially designed for use in any EDM project.

The EDM Kit comes with a suite of drums, sound effects, morphed vocals, percussions, impacts, grooves and much more, making it perfect for everyday use.

Content breakdown:

  • claps (19)
  • FX (25)
  • closed & open hats (28)
  • impacts (22)
  • kicks (96)
  • grooves (10)
  • percussions (21)
  • reversed FX (5)
  • risers (47)
  • snares (54)
  • morphed vocals (23)

The EDM Kit is available as a downloadable product, and provides 335MB of content (the compressed ZIP is 256MB), spread across 350 samples, all presented in 24-bit quality.

Lately, the trend for sample libraries is to be presented as construction-kits. Not applicable here. What I like is that The EDM Kit is organised into categories of samples, making it really accessible and somehow customisable.

The author follows the winning EDM template, but also comes with personal touches in the making of risers, impacts, voxes or groove loops. The drum one shots are maybe plain and usual, pretty much what you might expect, but they come with weight and variety.

While The EDM Kit doesn’t offer that ‘wow’ factor, it does provide a great amount of high quality samples at a budget price. It is strongly recommended for all EDM producers looking for a solid foundation for their music projects.


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The EDM Kit by Jont Music

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