Xenobioz launches Lynx free subtractive synthesizer

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Xenobioz has announced the release of the first beta version of its Lynx, a free VSTi subtractive synthesizer for Windows.

Lynx comes with a powerful wave editor, drawable waveforms and two stacked unison oscillators. Although it has limited features, Lynx is able to generate a wide variety of sounds, very useful in musical genres such as house, dance, pop, trance, etc. Below are some examples of loops created with stock presets, without any additional effects. Next to each audio clip is written the preset name.

Audio demos:


Speaking of presets, this synthesizer comes with 128, from leads to pads, basses to ARPS and more. Maybe some people would seem that Lynx sounds pretty cheap, but just think what you could do by adding some effects.

Lynx main features are the two drawable oscillators (each with up to 7 detunable voices for unison), a wave editor loaded with functions like FM, harmonics, random wave generator, noise generator, multiply and cycle combination. Add a phase distortion, 2 LFOs with envelope and step mode and 2 ADSRs with adjustable curves and you get a synthesizer strong enough to sustain a lead line in a song.

Lynx is currently in beta phase, which means there is still room for improvements, for example I noticed while looking through the presets, they are selected in a way, let’s say, random. But that would not be a big problem, given that Lynx is pretty intuitive, so if you want to make your own sounds will not be very hard.

The synthesizer is available for free and instant download via Xenobioz. Download size is 3.6MB ZIP.

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Lynx free subtractive synthesizer

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