10 Free Classic Analog Synths Recorded to 1/4″ Tape by Samples From Mars

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Samples From Mars has announced the release of a free collection of classic analog synths recorded to 1/4″ tape.

The 10 soft synth instruments are available for Ableton and Logic users as well as for NI Kontakt owners. Also, the 24-bit WAV files are included, which means you can use them within any sampler or DAW.

Not many people multi-sample synths to tape – it’s time consuming and can leave a pretty big dent in your wallet. In fact, each synth patch we recorded took up about 1,250 ft of tape! (around 10 – 15 minutes).

But the results sound absolutely incredible! Who cares about time and money when you have sweet, sweet analog synths recorded to a classic reel to reel machine? These patches are truly special. Warm, fat, gritty and pretty. Enjoy 🙂


  • 10 soft synth instruments created by multi-sampling analog synthesizers to a 1/4″ mastering reel to reel
  • Sounds range from saturated sub bass to epic 80s poly synths, sync leads and dirty FX
  • Featuring: Roland MKS-7, Oberheim SEM, Moog Micromoog, and Novation Bass Station
  • Ready for Ableton 9, Kontakt 5 and Logic
  • 24bit WAV Files for any sampler / DAW
  • 737 MB

In order to get the free Classic Analog Synths Recorded to 1/4″ Tape collection, you’ll have to enter a valid email address for the download link.

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Free Classic Analog Synths Recorded to 1/4″ Tape

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