ATKChorus 1.0.0 and ATKPhaser 1.0.0 free effect plugins by Matthieu Brucher

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For those looking for simple and to the point plugins, Matthieu Brucher announces a chorus and a stereo phaser, both based on the Audio Toolkit.

ATKChorus 1.0.0 chorus plugin is built on a variable delay filter driven by a random delay signal, while the stereo phaser ATKPhaser 1.0.0, in terms of operation, morphs a mono signal into a stereo phased pair.

The new effects, as well as Matthieu Brucher’s previous plugins, can be downloaded via SourceForge. The source codes for each plugin can be found there too.

ATKChorus 1.0.0 and ATKPhaser 1.0.0 are available for PC and Mac in different formats including VST2, VST3 and Audio Unit.

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ATKChorus 1.0.0 and ATKPhaser 1.0.0 free effect plugins

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