Weltmeister Royal Standart free accordion instrument for Kontakt

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Weltmeister Royal Standart by CMusic Production is a free accordion instrument patch for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Although it is a virtual instrument, its single-layer samples contain a surprising depth and character of voicing, making it a very accessible and acceptable tool to any producer who does not have access to a real accordion. As developer tells us, the Weltmeister Royal Standard virtual replica is “designed to get creating music instantly”.

Audio demo:

Tiko-tiko by Zequinha de Abreu (CMusic Production Weltmeister Royal Standart)

Also, on developer’s page we find out that the velocity is regulated by modulation, using a filter that continuously varies the timbre as the modulation values change. A simple way to add accents while playing.

If you own the full version of Kontakt 5.0 or above, then Weltmeister Royal Standart is a keeper.

The freebie is available via CMusic Production; registration is required.

More info:

Weltmeister Royal Standart free accordion instrument for Kontakt

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