100 free Hive presets by Krezie Sounds

By Stephen Rich|2016-11-07T13:46:58+00:00December 21st, 2015|Free Synth Presets|

Krezie Sounds has introduced Krezie Vintage, new free soundset for the u-he Hive synthesizer.

The soundset contains 100 vintage style presets based on classic synth sounds from the beginning of analog subtractive synthesis to the synth sounds of the early eighties.

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Krezie Sounds specializes in presets for Hive, on its website you can find two more free Hive packs, as well as two commercial ones. Harmless VSTi users aren’t neglected, they will surely appreciate the 60 free Harmless presets split into two packs, one for EDM, and the other for ambient & cinematic.

All the free preset banks for both Hive and Harmless are available for instant download (no registration) at Krezie Sounds.

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100 free Hive presets by Krezie Sounds

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