Free EDM drum samples and foley recordings by Cymatics

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After the big success of the 60 free EDM snares, here’s another good opportunity to make your sample library even bigger.

Cymatics return with more free EDM drum samples, ranging from one shots to FX and foley recordings- over 400 samples in total. For easy access, they gathered all the free samples into a Soundcloud playlist, so you can pick up what you need.

Audio demos:

Currently there are available 70 free EDM percussions, 45 free EDM kicks, 30 free EDM claps, 40 free EDM FX, 25 free chillout claps, 10 free dubstep snares, Walmart Drums volume 1 and volume 2 (200 samples in total), as well as a free Serum preset and an Ableton Live project file. The EDM, chillout and dubstep one shot drum samples are made from scratch, and the Walmart Drums collections consists of recordings of toy drums, very useful as percussion fills and rhythms in drum loops.

In order to get the free EDM drum samples, you will have to do some work: they are available via Soundcloud, then through a fangate app, where you will be asked to connect with your Soundcloud account. Each demo track has links to its respective download, either in description or near “Share” button.

All samples are in 24-bit WAV format and royalty free.


Free EDM drum samples and foley recordings by Cymatics

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