Valve SK1 Drums free sample pack by Goldbaby

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Goldbaby is offering all his fans Valve SK1 Drums – Free Drums Pack, an early Christmas present.

Valve SK1 Drums – Free Drums Pack, is a collection of drum samples recorded from a vintage Casio SK1 home keyboard, then processed through a Neve pre and a valve mixer. The freebie contains a total of 40 one shot samples in 24-bit WAV format.

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Goldbaby is well known for his analog and creative processing style, all the drum samples and instruments available on his website being sourced from hardware sound generators & synthesizers, and processed through high end gear.

Valve SK1 Drums – Free Drums Pack is weighing 2.13MB on disk. All samples are royalty free.

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Valve SK1 Drums – Free Drums Pack by Goldbaby

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