Freeware Round-up #5: free stereo amplifier inside!

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Marco Scherer has released his third Drum Depot pack, featuring Vermona DRM drum kits and some free loops.

The third edition of a no-brainer drum kit series (this costs only… €0.99), contains 5 kits recorded from Vermona DRM1 mkIII drum machine, through a TLA 5021 valve compressor and enhanced with other hardware tools.

With this, Marco Scherer is giving away 50 free loops, available as separate download. The download size of these free samples is 154MB.

All the drums are suitable for minimal, electro and trance and all other genres that need synthetic drums with the very own Vermona character.

DeeSpeaker (Windows/Mac) by Dotec Audio is a plugin designed for mixing (with headphones). It simulates near-field speakers placed at an angle of 45 degrees, and at a distance of 1 meter.

DeeSpeaker synthesizes the sound as is generated from real monitor speakers, as well as the sound reflections in studio, by advanced filter and phase processing.

It is a real dispute on internet regarding mixing with headphones. What do you think, mixing with headphones is good or bad (even if you use plugins like this)?


DeeSpeaker Monitor Simulator

Only a few days have passed since the launch of Orion Sound Module, and SampleScience already comes with an updated version. The current v1.1 adds more than 30 new instruments, and fixes tuning problems/bad loop points from some instruments. The drum kits are now GM MIDI compatible, plus many will appreciate the closed hat which now cuts the open one like in a real drum set.

I closely watched the birth and evolution of Orion Sound Module, all I can say is that I think soon it will turn into a reference plugin and one of the most downloaded freeware ROMplers. We’ll see soon whether I’m right or not. Until then, download it here and stay close for new updates.

Prime Studio are offering Charly (Windows/Mac) to all their new and current subscribers. Charly is a simple but powerful stereo amplifier effect plugin.

Its simplicity translates into an output gain divided between -10dB and +10dB, an on/off switch button which turns on the plugin or sets it in bypass mode, and a couple of left/right VU meters that measure the stereo input level. All the magic is done by the output gain rotary knob; it acts like a stereo enhancer and adds a slight compression and reverb. The amplification is made without distortions and artifacts.


Charly free stereo amplifier

Charly is perfect to rhythmically enhance drum loops, to bring to life dull and boring sounds, as well as to fatten loops and mixes.

In order to download Charly free stereo amplifier, you will have to subscribe to Prime Studio’s newsletter: please locate the subscription form at the bottom on their website. A valid email address would be required, since they will need confirmation and finally send you the plugin. When installing the plugin, make it with admin rights.


Charly free stereo amplifier

Pete Jones has announced the launch of a new sample library company called Sonue. From his Facebook: “We’ve got a couple of free instruments that are available on our website – would love people to take a look at them and have a play. Many more releases planned in the coming months too”.

Sonue needs subscribers, and yes you guessed it, in order to receive the freebies, a valid email address is required. The free pack consists of two Bowed Guitars Kontakt instruments – electric and acoustic. I think there’s no need to say again the story with the full version of Kontakt which (yes) is required for these too. Subscribe and download it here.


Bowed Acoustic Guitar for Kontakt

And finally, the week would be empty without the traditional (now) W.A. Production freebie. It seems that wasn’t already enough trap in the air, so here we go with What About: Free Trap Kicks & Drums, a collection of 60 key-labelled kicks, 20 claps, 20 snares, 30 percussions, 21 cymbals, 7 vocal shouts and 100 drum loops! All 100% royalty free.

The direct link of these is here, but there’s still some work for you to do to finally have them on your computer. You know, as usual… some follows here, some likes there, and so on.

Until next Sunday, enjoy the twisted oriental demo track of What About: Free Trap Kicks & Drums:

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