Free Orpheus 2 string-machine VSTi by B.Serrano

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B.Serrano has announced the release of Orpheus 2, a free polyphonic ensemble instrument plugin for Windows (32-bit).

The follow-up of (already) popular Orpheus, is a 128 voices polyphonic synth featuring 2 ensembles with drift, auto bend & unison each, formants and 3 bands resonators. The sound can be processed trough effect processors such as chorus, delay, phaser, reverb, auto-pan and tremolo. Other highlights are mod matrix and embedded patch management.

Orpheus 2 is now available for free via B.Serrano (download size is 2.8MB). Orpheus 2 is a 32-bit VST plugin for Windows, and works within 64-bit DAW’s via jBridge.

I personally loved the first version, with its rich sound full of character, that’s why I recommend this second version too, as well as all the other plugins made by generous developer B.Serrano.

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Orpheus 2 free polyphonic ensemble by B.Serrano

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