Free Roland TR​-​808 E​-​mu SP​-​1200 drum kit by Soquelle released

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Soquelle has created a free sample kit from a Roland TR-808 drum machine through E-Mu SP-1200 sampler. Get the classic TR-808 bass, snare, clap and hi hats!

These samples were captured first through an E-mu SP-1200. They were then recorded through an Api Channel Strip into an Antelope Orion AD/DA.

No effects, eq or processing was applied to the samples other than the natural sound of the TR-808, SP-1200 and Api preamps. So not only will you get the awesome TR-808 sound with the 12-bit crunch of the SP-1200, you’re also getting the sweet warm analog flavor of an Api preamp.

Audio demo:

Roland TR​-​808 E​-​mu SP​-​1200 Soquelle Sample Kit is available via Bandcamp. A vaild email address is required for the download (you will be automatically subscribed to Soquelle’s newsletter).

More info:

Free Roland TR​-​808 E​-​mu SP​-​1200 drum kit by Soquelle

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