RHEC freeware synthesizer by JC Productionz updated to version 2.7

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JC Productionz has updated its RHEC freeware synthesizer to version 2.7.

RHEC is a virtual synthesizer for Windows, featuring 2 oscillators, a moog filter, ADSR unit, filter contour, MIDI learn, LFO, random gate, keyboard tracking, velocity control and more.

The effects section contains a delay unit with stereo panning & L/R volume controls, internal/host sync plus filtering. Besides these, there is a highly customizable chorus with wet/dry, 3 LFOs, pre – delays, and width control.

The sound of RHEC is very “analog” with enough bite to cut through a dense mix. The instrument is capable of a wide range od sounds, such as analog brasses, phat basses and leads, as well as some unusual and wild effects.

In version 2.7, a bug where all the GUI settings and controls were lost when restarting a project with instances of RHEC, is now fixed.

RHEC freeware synthesizer version 2.7 is available for instant download.

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RHEC freeware synthesizer updated to version 2.7

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