Tention Digital Audio intros Tention Stream 3 free VST synthesizer instrument

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Tention Digital Audio has introduced Tention Stream 3, a free VST synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Tention Stream 3 is a virtual software synthesizer suitable for leads and pads, and is using a detunable sawtooth oscillator and a special sound forming equalizer.

At a glance, Tention Stream 3 has a 1 detunable sawtooth oscillator, ADSR envelope, a lowpass filter, equalizer and amplifier modules. I’ve tested it in FL Studio 64-bit and I didn’t hear any sound, but when I switched to the 32-bit of FL Studio, all went fine.


Only one oscillator, but really powerful!

At first, don’t expect spectacular sounds, there are 4 main presets for a fast test (sweet, hard, wide and soft saws); but I went through its parameters and discovered some powerful detune, filter and equalizer modules, and with few plugin tweaks and automation layers, I created a decent sound suitable for any modern EDM tune:

A simple melody created with Tention Stream 3

The virtual synthesizer is 32-bit VST plugin for Windows operating systems. The download (1.1MB) doesn’t requires registration.

More info:

Tention Stream 3 free VST synthesizer instrument

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