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Sound designer duo Esrever Audio have announced a new free collection of found percussions, now available for instant download on their site.

Esrever Audio means Tommy Bradly and Oliver Grant, a composer, respectively sound designer. Their field of activity comprises film making, TV adverts, games, animation, so expect
something done right.

The current release is simply named Found Percussion, and consists of samples built on various recordings, such as lightswitches, sticks, handclaps, lighter flicks, coins, fingersnaps and mouth percussion. Here’s what the guys at Esrever Audio say about this sound pack: “we love layering these up for a sense of rawness and sense of actual humans making music. For ultimate success, use in conjunction with our soundbed pack (click the picture below to download it) for some really raw sounding tracks”.


Soundbed Samples Volume 1 is 2GB of dark, dusty and noisy samples, such as bus journeys, trains, roadsides, tape hiss, vinyl crackles, and more. Free samples!

Back to the Found Percussion sample pack, it offers some amazing (I don’t exaggerate when I say it) loops and one shot samples. More precisely, 13 full drum loops with a BPM range of 90-140 making a brief demonstration of how versatile are the 166 one-shot drum and percussion samples. In depth, there are 28 cymbals & shakers, 4 kick drums, 22 low hits, 39 various percussions, and 73 snares/snaps/claps.

Despite its name, the sample pack can be used with success in hip hop, minimal, house, dubstep, and of course, in sound designing. A free collection of sounds that I recommend you not miss.

Free Found Percussion sample pack by Esrever Audio (47MB zipped) is available for free without the need to register.

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Free Found Percussion sample pack by Esrever Audio

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