J-Hud-Studio has announced the launch of its Vocal King, a free vocal compressor and enhancer plugin for Windows.

Vocal King helps vocals stand out in a mix. The idea behind this plugin is to simply bring out the presence and clarity in vocals.

There are 2 compressors/limiters, Pres Amp and Final Comp knobs. The signal is fed through the Pres Amp compressor, then through other modifiers that help bring presence out of the vocals, and eventually is sent through the Final Comp compressor.

Turn up the pres knob until the red meter starts to hit over the first line. This sets a good presence/compressed level to the vocals that are being put through it. For even more clarity, put an equalizer before or after Vocal King, to help shape vocals.

Vocal King is a free plugin for Windows (32-bit VST plugin only). Download size is 4.6MB compressed ZIP file.

More info:

Free Vocal King compressor/enhancer plugin by J-Hud-Studio