Noizefield has announced the release of Kick Machine, a free kick drum and bass generator for modern music productions.

Kick Machine free VST synthesizer is developed by infected sounds in cooperation with CPS/Noizefield and the Guru-Project team. The plugin is mainly capable of generating kick drum sounds similar to those found in EDM, but also it can be used for bass lines.

There’s a wide range of free kick drum generators already, for example Korzenie Kick by talented developer Saltline, or DC Bassdrum::Murda 1.4 by DistoCore and Dark VX Kick by Chokehold. But, there’s always room for more and more…

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At the core of Kick Machine is a pair of oscillators with 16 waveforms each. Then, the scheme is made up of 1 pitch envelope, 2 filters (OSC & Click), 1 amp envelope, 1 click envelope, and 1 pitch envelope. Ultimately, there are two effect processors, namely a decimator and an equalizer.

Kick Machine (Windows, 32-bit plugin) is available for free for all registered users at Noizefield (registration is also free).

More info:

Kick Machine free kick drum and bass generator


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