Phuture Collective’s free producer packs released

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Phuture Collective have announced the release of a new free sample pack featuring samples by some producers under their label.

There are available now all the free sample/producer packs for the month of April, created by artists such as ZenAware x The Flourish, Kiedo, Ellio, and atolla. The styles are in the range of ambient, experimental, chillout, liquid funk/trap, future bass, and neo soul. And if it’s about creativity, these packages don’t lack it, definitely. Listen the examples below.

Audio demos:

Phuture Collective’s free producer packs contain different sounds including kicks, presets, percs, snares, synths, vox and beyond.

To obtain the packs, you’ll have to follow the artists on Soundcloud, for a free download.

More info:

Phuture Collective’s free producer packs

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