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Biome Digital has announced the release of Dub Techno Loops, a new pack featuring high quality sounds for techno producers.

Since the beginning, I have to say this is a perfect example of niche sample pack, the author keeping it meticulously in the limits of Dub Techno, a deep subgenre of techno. And as we all know, this music style does not lack of rhythm and has its specific subtleties; Dub Techno Loops respects the rules. Nevertheless, Dub Techno is somewhat akin to Deep Techno, so these sounds will mold perfectly in the tracks of this subgenre too.

The first impressions that you make while browsing and listening this pack is of analog, warm and real. I don’t know the sources behind it, but I strongly tend to believe that we are not talking software here. From product page I found that “all sounds have been recorded with a wide range of analogue hardware and has an unmistakable character which is deep and warm”, and I can say with certainty that it is not just chatter for the sake of marketing.

Audio demos:

Dub Techno Loops is containing 172 audio loops and 184 one-shot samples, all full of character, urging at creation, and ready for immediate use. Entering the details, there are three main folders: “Audio Loops”, “One Shots” and “Rex 2 Loops”. First folder consists of bass loops, drum loops, FX loops, kick loops, synth loops and vocal loops – there are six sub-folders in total, these being also found in “Rex 2 Loops”, the difference is, you guessed it, the format; although I think you will stay within the limits of the Dub Techno and Techno’s BPM, is good to know that REX 2 provides a better stretch flexibility than WAV format, and works perfectly in FL Studio too. The sound of the loops is pro, I like a lot the deep and low sub basses, the simple and highly customisable synth lines, and the drum loops – these are cool exercises of rhythm and groove. I can’t forget the dubesque-delayed FX and the 4/4 punchy kick loops.

Going forward, we arrive at “One Shots”, a “pool” full of inspiring audio material. Don’t get me wrong, I like the loops very much, but the one-shots folder is fire! You get key labeled bass & synth shots, crisp claps & snares, a wide range of cymbals, expertly crafted/tuned kicks, well designed and various percussions & chops, cool sound effects & impacts, as well as some vocals & phrases to spice up your tunes. The one-shots folder is my favorite from the entire pack, and I hope I will not offend the author if I use the sounds in other musical genres too, pure and simple because they are highly versatile, have the body, stands out in the mix – they have all the features to be used in modern music productions.

Content breakdown:

  • Audio Loops:
    • Bass Loops (16)
    • Drum Loops (92)
    • FX Loops (11)
    • Kick Loops (13)
    • Synth Loops (32)
    • Vocal Loops (8)
  • One Shots:
    • Bass (18)
    • Claps and Snares (13)
    • Cymbals (29)
    • Kicks (17)
    • Percussion (28)
    • Sound Effects (29)
    • Synth Effects (40)
    • Vocal (10)

As a brief conclusion (although I can’t have a conclusion, considering that this package continues to surprise you every time you use it), Dub Techno Loops has a great value for money (is on sale now and it costs only £10.49, regular price is £14.98) and offers versatile and professional sounds with a warm analogue character. Highly recommended for all producers looking for authentic samples. I had for review the WAV version, but you can get it in another two versions, Ableton Live Pack and Reason ReFill.

More info:

Dub Techno Loops by Biome Digital

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