Tape DD-10 Kontakt instrument by HeadlessBuddha Samples is now free

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HeadlessBuddha Samples has announced that its Tape DD-10 is free (again) via InTheBox online store.

We decided to offer our beloved Tape DD-10 drum machine for Kontakt 5 as a freebie. You should also check out our other products, as they’re all on sale at InTheBox.

Tape DD-10 is a drum machine instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt. It brings the sound of Yamaha DD-10, a lo-fi & low cost 8-bit drum machine released in 1988. The samples were passed through a tape recorder, with three round robins for each drum sound.

Here’s the complete story: “For those who know me, it was pretty obvious that I’d pass it through a tape recorder and store the sounds on my HDD. They didn’t thought I’d experiment with each and every sound of this awesome piece of gear and a whole bunch of cassette and reel-to-reel tape recorders. That’s what I did and this is what I’ve got.

You guys know that you can pass the same sound through the same tape machine a hundred times and the sound you’ll achieve each time is a little different from the other ones, right? We wanted to make sure you can achieve this too, so we made three round robins for each drum piece.”

Last summer, I wrote about another freebie of HeadlessBuddha Samples, a cool sample pack featuring 65 hand claps, again, recorded through tape. You can see more details in this article.

Audio demo:


  • 75 samples with three round robins on each drum
  • 1 Kontakt instrument
  • 44.1kHz/24 bit WAV format
  • All recorded through tape
  • Bonus: 17 impulse responses

Tape DD-10 requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt (Kontakt Player isn’t supported). You will have to register at InTheBox, in order to download it.

More info:

Free Tape DD-10 Kontakt instrument by HeadlessBuddha Samples

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