The Cell Studio has announced the release of Vortigaunt, a free collection of sound effects in 24-bit WAV format.

Vortigaunt is a debut pack and celebrates the launch of The Cell Studio. Is described as “a experiment gone awry, a rift in galactic space where your only friend is your weapon and health kits are highly coveted”.

Vortigaunt contains over 50 24-bit WAV files of ambient drones, modulated hits, weaponized impacts, and intense sweeps, ready to be used in any of your musical or sound design projects.

Audio demo:

Listening the sounds in the demo song, I can only say wow! finally sound effects that have a well-defined utility and a clear theme. Vortigaunt is definitely a keeper for me.

In order to download the freebie, a valid email address is required.

More info:

Free Vortigaunt collection of SFX by The Cell Studio


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