Boz Digital Labs releases Width Knob free stereo width plugin

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Boz Digital Labs has released Width Knob, free stereo width effect plugin for Windows.

Width Knob is a tool inspired by the stereo width knob found in Reaper. The author made a plugin version of the Reaper effect to give it to everyone for free.

Width Knob is so easy and intuitive to use, yet so powerful that it is really a must have for any workflow.

This is not a stereo widener; in fact, it’s the opposite. This plugin does not add anything that will increase the stereo width of your track. It will only reduce the stereo width, ranging from -100% to +100%, and letting you not only narrow your mixes, but to flip the L/R channels easily and smoothly.

Width Knob allows you to quickly and easily adjust the stereo width of your bus or track. It provides a simple way to create contrast in your mixes, keeping your mixes alive and interesting.

In order to download the plugin, registration (free) at Boz Digital Labs is required.

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Width Knob free stereo width plugin

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