Smhertz releases Hyper Drums Vol. 1 free samples and loops

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Smhertz has announced the release of Hyper Drums Vol. 1, a new free collection of one-shots, loops and rhythmic material created as a mix of manipulated found sounds and synthesized tones.

Quite versatile stuff if you are into experimental hip hop or EDM. Hyper Drums Vol. 1 contains 16 kicks/stabs, 16 claps/snares and 16 rhythms/hats/percussions.

Listen below the demo track, to make an idea about the sounds:

Hyper Drums Vol. 1 is available via TheArtistUnion. Go to the download link:, select the “Free Download” download button on the right of the page, then log into your acount (or create one for free).

All the samples are in 24-bit WAV format and royalty free.

More info:

Hyper Drums Vol. 1 free samples and loops

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