42 free NGHTMRE style snare samples released by Zion

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Zion has announced the release of a set of free NGHTMRE style snare samples in 24 bit WAV format.

If you’re a fan of NGHTMRE, or simply want to try something new in your music, you might like these snares. Loud and impactful, they promise to make your track more heavy.

These snares are somehow similar to those found in NGHTMRE’s songs, with all the reverb and impact. Each snare shot is basically a layer of snare body plus a percussive stick/wood “flooded” in reverb. I am not a big fan of this kind of drum sounds, as they’re already too processed for my taste, and I am into other styles of music; but if we take the sound design exercise alone, the sounds are indeed cool.

If you’re producing EDM, especially future bass, trap, liquid trap, electro pop or even dubstep, I highly recommend you to try these 42 free NGHTMRE style snare samples. Here below, Zion comes with an example of how these were used in a track:

The snare samples are available for free download, split into two packs: one contains 31 snares, and the other 11. Both are distributed via Soundcloud, but they don’t require any social login or similar tasks. At the links below, simply click the “Buy” link (don’t worry, is still a free download) underneath each audio preview. You will be directed to download the compressed files hosted on Zippyshare.


31 free snares and another 11 free snares in the same NGHTMRE style (under 10MB in total).

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