Sonatina Orchestra Module free orchestral VST instrument released by Bigcat

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Bigcat Instruments has announced the launch of Sonatina Orchestra Module, a free orchestral VST instrument plugin for Windows.

If you’re looking for a simple ROMpler capable to deliver some decent orchestral sounds, then Sonatina Orchestra Module is for you. It is free and does the job for which it was thought about.

The plugin is based on the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra, which is the work of Mattias Westlund. Delivered as 16 bit, 44kHz WAV files, his sample library contains all the basic building blocks for creating real virtual orchestrations. Bigcat Instruments took these samples and gave them a new form, easier to use and handy for any producer.

Audio demo:

Sonatina Orchestra Module takes its inspiration from Orion Sound Module. If you remember, at the time of launch, SampleScience’s 3GB+ ROMpler has created some buzz, and behold, a few months later even became an inspiration for other developers.

Sonatina Orchestra free orchestral VST instrument

The violin preset and its 9 articulations.

The free orchestral VST instrument contains the Sonatina Orchestra in a single 1GB module. It offers all 20 instruments and 50+ articulations from the original library. Bigcat Instruments told us that that the piccolo is tucked into the flute instrument and a few other instruments are also combined.

Speaking of its design, the GUI is simple, I can’t tell is a piece of art or something, but we are judging the sound here. It sports volume and panning knobs, as well as controls for ADSR envelope. From the top menus you can select the instrument type and articulations.

Joe Stevens, the man behind Bigcat is working on a new project – a blog exclusively for VST instruments. For the moment, the offer includes The Violin and The Viola, two VST instruments made from samples taken from Versilian Chamber Orchestra 2 orchestral sample library. You can download them for free here.

Sonatina Orchestra Module is available for Windows operating systems only and is delivered as VST2 plugin in 32 bit and 64 bit versions. The download size of it is 654MB (ZIP compressed file). To install the plugin, simply unzip the downloaded file, then move the extracted folder into your default VST’s folder (C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins).

More info:

Free Sonatina Orchestra Module by Bigcat Instruments

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