SampleScience releases free TR-626 drum samples

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SampleScience has released today TR-626 HD, a high definition collection of free TR-626 drum samples.

The TR-626 was the upgraded digital version of the classic TR-606 and TR-505 drum machines. This beat-box is still simple but has a few good points that come from its legendary ancestors – the TR-909 and TR-808.

This pack appeared because there are no quality free TR-626 drum samples online. Most of them are badly recorded, mislabeled, provided as low bit rates audio files and noisy.

SampleScience’s TR-626 HD fixes this problem, by providing clean drum samples in high definition 32 bit 44.1kHz quality. The samples have been properly edited and recorded, giving you a perfect and usable sample set. You can use the sounds in various genres, including hip hop, pop, EDM and other similar styles.

Audio demo:

The sample pack comes with all the 30 drum sounds found in the TR-626 drum machine: bass drums, hi hats, snares, the percussions and toms. The 24 bit and 16 bit versions of the samples are provided too.

TR-626 HD sample pack is available via Gumroad (pay-what-you-want, no minimum price – which means you can get it also for free if you’re broke or… stingy). The download size is 27MB compressed ZIP file with all three audio quality versions.

More info:

Free TR-626 drum samples by SampleScience

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