Free polyphonic synthesizer

Full Bucket Music has announced the release of The qyooo, a free polyphonic synthesizer plugin for Windows.

The qyooo is written in native C++ code for high performance and low CPU consumption. Its main features are the three zero-delay feedback filters with different modes and arrangements, a complex Scene Morphing section for filter modulation, as well as the three band-limited oscillators including Ring modulation.

It also features an additional white noise generator, four LFOs and envelopes and up to 64 voices polyphony, including portamento. The qyooo has a chorus effect processor and allows MIDI Learn, meaning all parameters can be controlled by MIDI CC.

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The plugin is available for instant download (32 bit and 64 bit VST versions for Windows).

This free polyphonic synthesizer plugin is Full Bucket’s entry for the KVR Audio Developer Challenge 2016, so, if you like it, give it a vote (details on website).

More info & download link:

The qyooo free polyphonic synthesizer by Full Bucket Music



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