DJ Worx online magazine has announced that is offering for FREE Xpand!2 software synthesizer by AIR Music Technology.

For some time, Xpand!2 synthesizer was offered in several plugin web stores at the symbolic price of only a dollar. But finally, the inevitable occurred, it is now totally free – no strings attached. Of course, for a limited time only.

Here is the announcement at DJ Worx:

Over the last however many years Worxmas has been running, despite my best efforts, I haven’t been able to give a gift to everyone. Until now that is.

Enter Air Music Technology and their splendid range of music making stuff. They’ve invested in the biggest Santa sack ever and have a copy of Xpand! 2 for every single DJWORX community member. Let me just say that again in bold caps - EVERY SINGLE DJWORX COMMUNITY MEMBER. For those not in the know, Xpand! 2 is an all-in-one production/remix workstation plugin including over 2500 instruments suitable for any project. I’ve read all the reviews, and it’s a firm favourite with DJs and producers.

To be clear - this is isn’t some old version we’re palming off on you masquerading as a really good gift. It’s the latest version, for you, for free. And you can grab it here, until January 4th 2017.

So that’s a dream fulfilled - everyone gets a gift. Now to the biggie.

DJ Worx has also launched a giveaway, having hardwares as prizes: DJ controllers, speakers and more ( Denon DJ, Numark, Akai Pro, Alto etc). To enter the big giveaway, drop a line to [email protected], or click the link in the giveaway post. To get your copy of Xpand! 2, follow the link on same page.

The free Xpand!2 offer is until January 4th, 2017.

More info & download link:

FREE Xpand!2 software synthesizer by AIR Music Technology



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