2017-01-06T11:48:16+00:00By Stephen Rich|Free VST Plugins|

KRT has announced the launch of Libra and Boba, two new plugins in the Free Effects collection for Windows operating systems.

Libra is a simple pink shelf EQ effect plugin with only 3 controls. The frequency sets the mild notch cut off on the input, and then the width sets the bandwidth between the two shelf filters, set up to obtain low roll off. The tone then sets a balance between the high and low shelf.

The effect was developed as a product of experimentation into phase modulation synthesis designs.

Boba is a FET input stage simulation effect plugin. Same as Libra, this plugin is simple in operation with only 3 controls. The freq FB sets the low pass cut off of the source negative feedback, and then freq out sets the amount of low pass cut on the drain level match. This is then fed into a soft clip to keep the signal in some limits as bias is applied to move up the gain curve.

Boba was developed as a product of experimentation into other controls instead of resonance in filter design.

Both plugins are available as VST2 and VST3 32-bit plugins for Windows. You can download them and all the other free plugins via KRT’s Google Drive folder.

More info and download link:

Libra and Boba free effect plugins by KRT