Free vocals: Free Ethereal Vocals Vol. 3 Cuties by Monad Moon

Monad Moon has released Ethereal Vocals Vol. 3 Cuties, a brand new collection of free vocals for EDM productions.

I’m back with more free samples! This time I made some cute vocals for use with future, 8-bit inspired, or video game music! But feel free to use them any way and anywhere you want to :D

Can’t wait to see what you guys make with this one!

Audio demo:

If you missed volumes 1 and 2, you can get them here. The first volume contains vocal loops, while the second concentrates more on phrases, single words and spoken word in general.

Ethereal Vocals Vol. 3 Cuties free vocals are available via TheArtistUnion fangate (requires Soundcloud account).

All the vocals are 100% royalty free.

More info:

Free Ethereal Vocals Vol. 3 Cuties by Monad Moon



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