Download over 1GB of Surround Sound Ambiences from Forests, Parks & Canyons

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A Sound Effect has announced the release of a free sample pack featuring over 1GB of surround sound ambiences from forests, canyons, parks and wetlands.

My name is Rick Hernandez, I am a Sr. Sound Designer at Respawn Entertainment & Lead Sound Designer and Field Recordist at Melee Sound Design.

I’ve been recording out on the field for many years, but last year I decided to peruse it at a higher level and the result was the soundpack RUPTURE which is published by SoundMorph.
Recently I got inspired to go out on the field again to record surround ambiences when I rewatched the Soundtacker movie, which is a film about iconic audio recordist Gordon Hempton.

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Field recordist and senior sound designer Rick Hernandez went on a surround recording trip in the US recently, equipped with a DPA 5100 mobile surround microphone and a Zoom F8 recorder.

He captured a range of recordings from the Angeles National Forest, Ballona Wetlands, Simi Valley Canyon and Two Strike Park. Those surround recordings – and the story behind them – are now available as a free (+1GB) download on A Sound Effect.

In order to get the samples, a valid email is required for the download link. You will also be subscribed to A Sound Effect’s newsletter.

More info & download:

1GB of free surround sound ambiences

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  1. lian Mar 14, 2017 at 10:57 pm - Reply

    Need some deep forrest sounds i hopethis can previde for me .

  2. Valeria Barbas Apr 22, 2017 at 8:53 pm - Reply

    I am interested in field recordings per generaly, as I am recently practicing this also.

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