Free SimpleSide Volume Curve LFO Utility by Armando Montanez

Armando Montanez has announced the release of SimpleSide, a free simplified volume curve LFO utility effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

SimpleSide is an effect plugin that uses a curve to change volume over a temp-synced period. It is like a drawable volume LFO; left click to move a point, use right click to add a point.

The main features of SimpleSide are:

  • Adjustable rate that temp-syncs with the host.
  • Adjustable ramp-up or ramp-down for each sub-curve.
  • An unlimited number of sub-curves.
  • Wet/dry mix knob to adjust the blend of the plugin with the original signal.
  • Sample-accurate automation of rate and blend.

SimpleSide is available as VST plugin (64-bit) for Windows and Mac. The download is instant, no registration required.

More info & download:

Free SimpleSide volume curve LFO utility