SideChainer - Free Sidechain Compressor by RDGAudio

RDGAudio has announced the release of SideChainer, a free sidechain compressor VST plugin for Windows.

As highlighted on RDGAudio’s website, SideChainer is a completely free plugin that can be loaded in all major/popular DAW’s.

It comes with 14 different pre-made sidechain types & shapes and 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 time sync with the host. There is a mix knob that controls the overall sidechain amount, also a display showing in real time the audio waveform shape. For more control, the parameters can be automated inside the host.

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SideChainer free sidechain compressor is available only for Windows, as 32 or 64-bit VST plugin. The download (6.9MB zipped) is instant.

More info & download:

SideChainer free side chain compressor VST plugin