#DATBASSTHO Free Bass Sample Pack by MethLab

MethLab have announced #DATBASSTHO, a free bass sample pack to everyone who subscribes to their newsletter.

#DATBASSTHO is the final pack of MethLab’s DAT series, bringing “exquisitely heavy and intricate bass sound design with an extensive selection adaptable samples” from MethLab artists and friends.

There are 28 unique bass samples from various MethLab artists including Allied, Barbarix, Chee, Datacode, Flukeluke, Loop Stepwalker, Merikan, Rawtekk, Skynet, Vorso and more.

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In order to receive #DATBASSTHO, you will have to subscribe to MethLab’s newsletter. Once you confirm your email address, you will also gain access to the other previous two packs in the DAT series, featuring snares, breaks and pad samples.

All samples are royalty free.

More info & download:

#DATBASSTHO free bass sample pack