Free PhatNoise Flanger VST Effect Plugin by BurghRecords

BurghRecords has announced the release of PhatNoise Flanger, a free VST effect plugin for Windows.

The PhatNoise Flanger is one in our series of easy to use VST plugin software for music making.

Flanger is a free effect plugin, which alters sound signals by introducing a cyclically varying phase shifts. The plugin is highly optimised and its CPU usage is minimal.

This plugin is perfect for beginners as there’s not too much programming. Install it into your VST folder and just start turning the dials.

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PhatNoise Flanger is available as 32-bit or 64-bit VST plugin for Windows systems only. There are 15 factory presets to get started in no time.

To install the plugin, download and extract the ZIP file, then drag and drop onto your VST folder. Next, refresh the plugin list in FL Studio.

PhatNoise Flanger can be downloaded for free at BurghRecords website (add to cart required).