100 Free Garage Foley Percussion Hits & Sound Effects

99Sounds has announced the release Garage Foley, a free collection of royalty-free percussion hits and foley sound effects crafted by sound designer Tyler Bajsa.

The sound library was created from field recordings that were captured in a garage, with minimal additional processing applied. These are, for the most part, recordings of various objects and tools being hit, with audible natural reverb in the background.

Garage Foley contains 100 one-shot samples in 32-bit stereo WAV format. There is also included a simple NI Kontakt patch which maps all the samples across the keyboard (starting at C-1). It includes a low-pass filter with cutoff and resonance controls, along with an ADSR envelope for the volume.

Garage Foley free sample library
Garage Foley Kontakt patch

There is a short demo showcasing some of the sounds:

Garage Foley sample library of percussions and found sounds is a free download at 99Sounds website. Don’t forget to check the other freebies too, as there are plenty of resources for cinematic and experimental productions, but also more “earthly” samples and loops suitable for EDM.