Modest Guitar Free Kontakt Library

Yummy Beats has announced the release of Modest Guitar, a free Kontakt library featuring samples of an acoustic guitar.

Since the Modest Guitar was actually made for the advanced round robin tutorial in the first place the sampling was not the priority. But we found that it can still sound very beautiful in some situations and decided to also release it as free Kontakt instrument with some additional features.

The Modest Guitar is designed to be warm and organic sounding. For more authenticity, it also brings some decent guitar player noises on the flageolets.

Key switches and fx control are included. To turn off all instruments at once use the B-1 note. With C1 (Acoustic Guitar), D1 (Flageolets) and E1 (Psychedelic FX Guitar) you can toggle the single instruments. All the samples have been recorded 4-times and sampled round robin.

The guitar library requires a full version of Kontakt 5, in the free Kontakt Player version it will work in demo mode (only 15 minutes with each opening).

Modest Guitar is available to download on Yummy Beats website. Keep in mind that a (free) account is required, also you will need an activation code which is shown on their Facebook page, just look for the “Show Code” tab on the left.