Ghosthack has announced the release of Ultimate Vocal Library, a professional collection of female vocals for a wide range of styles including EDM, chillout, hip hop, RnB, dubstep, drum and bass, glitch hop, future house, techno etc.

Ghosthack hired 4 professional female singers and recorded full songs, phrases, chants, ad libs and one-words at the highest quality. The result is 356 different vocal files, delivered in both and wet versions (712 samples in total), weighing in at over 1GB.

You will receive six full BPM labelled song kits, each with their separate phrases, background vocals or even alternative versions. All the sounds are royalty free and are recorded in 24-bit quality. And yes, all vocals from the demo tracks are completely included in this library.

For a short period of time, Ultimate Vocal Library is on (launch) sale, you can buy it for just €29.74 (41% off regular price)! But that’s not all, with the purchase you will also receive three FREE sample packs: Snares and Claps Volume 2, Kicks’n’Bassdrums and Hats’n’Percs! These bonus packages complement Ultimate Vocal Library very well, you will be equiped with over 400 snare and clap samples, 200+ kicks and bassdrums and over 200 hi-hats, percussions and click samples.

Get now Ultimate Vocal Library at Ghosthack website.