Eplex7 DSP Announces Summer Sale up to 50% off VSTi Plugins and Samples

Eplex7 DSP Audio Software announces a special Summer Sale with up to 50% off VSTi plugins and samples.

The 50% off discount applies on:

  • Special bundle: Spherum FX – VSTi Re-Synthesizer + Bassblaster – VST Effect/Bass Synth Generator
  • Bassthronn – Bass Re-Synthesizer
  • Particle Collider SX7 – Scientific Hybrid Synthesizer
  • Analog Bass Unit N4 – EDM Bassline Synthesizer
  • Psytrance / Hitech FX & Drum Kit

Every customer who will buy Spherum FX, Particle Collider or Bassthronn synthesizers will additionally receive a set of bonus waveforms. The 50% off sale is valid until September 23.

Get the deal at Eplex7 DSP Audio Software


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